Ensley | Newborn Session| Belle Plaine, MN Photographer

I just love photographing these little babies at the newborn stage. It’s even more of an honor when the families return to me as they have more children. This beautiful family came to me for newborn photos when their first son was born almost 2 years ago. Now they are back with their beautiful daughter. They wanted soft blush pinks, creams and neutrals. I added in a few artistically edited images to complete their gallery.

Loved seeing you all again M family. Congratulations!

Rowan | Cologne, MN Newborn Photographer


If you’ve ever met me you know I love photographing newborns. It’s a calling and when too much time passes between sessions I definitely start to go a little stir crazy.  I also start to get a little prop obsessed and start looking online for the next new prop, backdrop, wrap, or outfit I can put the next client’s cute little baby in for their session. I love being able to offer my client’s a relaxing experience and have everything all ready to go when they arrive at my house/home studio. Parents love that they don’t need to bring anything to the session except their new baby, because let’s face it, new parents are exhausted and the sleep deprivation starts to take its toll. Mommy brain takes on a whole new meaning after the little one arrives, so knowing a client just has to show up and things are ready to go is such a relief to them.bestnewbornphotographernearme (5)

This little guy’s session took place this past winter. I’ve known Rowan’s mom since childhood. Her older sister and I were literally inseparable and as the younger sister, of course, that meant she wanted to tag along and play with us.  Growing up she really felt like the baby sister I never had.  It’s a real blessing to grow up in a small town community and be able to maintain some great friendships long into your adult years.  When Rowan’s parents told me they were expecting and wanted to have newborn photos done. I couldn’t wait to start planning their session, plus I knew they were going to make the most beautiful baby. I mean look at these two….photographersnearbelleplaine (14)

When little Rowan Thomas was born, sadly later that day his great-grandpa Thomas would pass away.  Imagine being on such a high from the birth of your first baby and then be struck with such great grief at the loss of your grandparent. We were able to honor Grandpa Tom (also where Rowan’s middle name came from) during the newborn session by incorporating some of the work gear from Grandpa. This was a special gift to share with family and also a great tribute to Grandpa’s Tom’s hardworking personality and will make a great story to share with Rowan as he gets older.

bestnewbornphotographernearme (11)

Truthfully, Rowan really hated any pose on his tummy during his session, but by God’s grace this is the only photo he let us get with him laying tummy down.  I snapped a few quick shots and then he protested anymore of that.  We swaddled him back up, he was happy and content once again.  We were also able to personalize the session by including Rowan’s daddy’s business logo into a photo.  Dad happened to slip away and start talking with my husband and we quick took this image and surprised him with it during the reveal and ordering appointment a couple weeks later.  He fist pumped with excitement and ordered a metal print to hang in his office at work.

photographersnearbelleplaine (4)

We did get a beautiful gallery from which the family could choose images and they selected some special ones to hang in their master bedroom.  I was able to sit with them in their home and show them what sizes and options would fit their space. They went with two 11×14 barn wood frames that are custom made by a local woodworker near the Belle Plaine and New Prague area.  A couple weeks later, I hand delivered them right to their front door in Cologne.  They loved them so much, they ordered another frame to use for a wedding photo that hangs on another wall in their room.  I can’t wait to capture more images of Rowan as he continues to grow in the months and years ahead.

bestnewbornphotographernearme (4)

Jack’s Milestone Session | Belle Plaine, MN Photographer

I LOVE sitter sessions. They can sit on their own, but can’t crawl away. They smile big smiles and aren’t scared of people yet.  I love this session for a few different reasons.

1. He’s my nephew and godson

2. He’s in buffalo plaid

3. It goes to show 9 amazing images is better than a gallery of 50 mediocre images.

How adorable would one of these images look in a rustic barnwood frame or wood print? Or added to Yearbook Album or Story Box that has images from his newborn, sitter and 1 year sessions?  Or even a wood print wall grouping that has an image from newborn session, sitter session and 1 year session, heck you could even add maternity session into that mix if you did one.  Start asking yourself how you want to display your portraits! Show them off!



Nursery & Room Decor | Southwest Metro Newborn Photographer

One great thing about hiring a professional photographer who provides more to their clients than just the digital files is that you get the opportunity to see how your portraits will look on your walls before you even purchase them. I love to help clients use images of rooms in their own homes and help them choose the perfect portrait for any space.  Before your session we talk about what colors you’d like used in your images and where you might want to display them. From there, I can create for you a one of a kind art piece that you’ll treasure forever.