Rowan | Cologne, MN baby photographer

So let’s just address the elephant in the room… I am way behind on blogging any of the sessions I’ve done…ever. In fact, I think one of the last sessions I blogged, was this little guy’s newborn photo session last December/January (eek).  So I am starting my 2020 goals early and I am determined to get caught up. So I figured I would just get started and here is sweet baby Rowan a little more grown up than his last post. His baby milestone session took place this past summer when the temps were warm.  I found a perfect little dead end in a housing area in Belle Plaine, MN that had wild flowers and great evening lighting. I’m sure that when clients roll up to some of these locations they question my sanity. But the beauty of being a photographer or creative person is that you can find and see the beauty in places that others just pass by without giving a second look. 

Thankfully, Rowan’s parents and I have been friends for a very long time and didn’t hesitate to jump out of their car and get some beautiful photos taken.  Rowan’s mom and I grew up together in our tiny town of Cologne, MN. She was the baby sister up my best friend so she naturally followed us everywhere. And Rowan’s dad and I were walked together as a groomsman and bridesmaid in my brother-in-laws wedding a few years back.  If they thought I was crazy for asking them to meet me at this random location they never said it to my face, in fact they loved the pictures that they got from his session. They all looked adorable with their navy blue outfits (that his mom picked out on Amazon….she’s my kind of shopper).  Rowan looked handsome in his cute bow tie and he has big brown eyes that just melt your heart.  

Take a look at some of the cute baby milestone pictures and family photos session we got of Rowan at his 6 month session. And it won’t be long and he’ll be back for his 1 year session in December. I sure love my baby plan clients and love to watch them grow. 


Rowan photographer near Cologne mn

Sitter Milestone Sessions usually take place between 6-8 months, when baby can sit independently.

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